Custom Commercial Fleet Graphic Design & Installation

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What Are Commercial Fleet Graphics?

Commercial fleet wraps, or fleet graphics, refer to applying a consistent design across multiple vehicles in a business’s vehicle fleet. A commercial vehicle fleet may be twenty of the exact same year, make, and model of vehicle, or five very different vehicles (such as pickup trucks, SUVs, vans, and more).

No matter what your commercial fleet looks like, fleet graphics are used to create visual consistency across all vehicles, reinforcing your brand and acting as a moving advertisement for your company.

First impressions and repeated display of brand graphics are important. For the same reason your employees wear company shirts, your company vehicles should wear your brand.

The graphic itself is known as a livery – think of any public transport vehicle, such as a train, bus, taxis, and even airplanes. All of these types of vehicles typically have some type of fleet graphic component that is repeated consistently on all vehicles in the fleet, whether it be a partial wrap, a full wrap, or placed graphics.

Saber Sign Solutions’ in-house design team creates custom commercial fleet graphics – so that your business can stand apart from the competition.

Why Invest in Commercial Fleet Graphics?

There are a variety of benefits that come with investing in commercial fleet graphics. Make Saber Sign Solutions your custom commercial sign partner to maximize return on investment, represent your brand, make the right first impression, and show customers professionalism.

Maximize Return on Investment (ROI)

There are countless studies that show how fleet graphics and vehicle wraps are an excellent return on investment. For example:

  • The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of fleet graphics is about 15 cents, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc. (compared to $21 for online pay per click ads).
  • 30-70 thousand impressions can be generated by a vehicle wrap per day, according to the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurements.

These statistics prove that investing in custom commercial graphics is not only an aesthetic choice, but one that can lead to realized business growth. Plus, fleet graphics and vinyl wraps don’t damage your vehicle fleet, protecting that investment as well.

Represent Your Brand

Not only are commercial fleet graphics a smart business decision, they can also increase your brand awareness and recognition – no matter if you’re a local business or multi-location franchise. Check out the following studies regarding consumer awareness and fleet graphics:

  • 95% of people remember seeing a vehicle wrap and being able to recall the graphics on it, according to a Market Watch study.
  • 69% of people reported that they remembered the name of the company on the wrap.

Not to mention, commercial fleet graphics are fully customizable, allowing you to present the right information to potential customers. From your company name and logo, to your contact information, to building location and service areas, and much more – Saber Sign Solutions’ in-house design team crafts professional, functional custom fleet graphics.

People remember the brand and image more than they remember the specific vehicle. One of our clients initially had just two vehicles wrapped with their brand colors and logo featured prominently in the design. They received comments from people who thought they were a much larger company with a dozen different vehicles driving around the area, when in reality, they had seen the same two vehicles multiple times. Saber Sign Solutions delivers brand recognition at its best!

Make the Right First Impression

Picture this: you’re in need of a plumber, and have found a local business that has great reviews. You give them a call, and they tell you they’ll be there the next day. As you’re sitting in your living room, an unmarked truck pulls into your driveway – but it’s already slipped your mind that you’d called for a plumber the previous day.

The moral of the story is, customers are more likely to have trust in your company and services if your vehicle fleet has some type of placed graphic or vinyl wrap that alerts customers who you are. This is particularly true in the case that your business involves coming directly to a customer’s home or entering their space.

Why Work With Saber Sign Solutions?

Whether you have one vehicle, a growing fleet, or an existing fleet, the in-house, professional designer at Saber Sign Solutions will work with you to develop a design or layout that best serves your needs and effectively communicates your message.

Additionally, our team can help you translate a pre-existing design or specific brand requirements to your vehicles.

Saber Sign Solutions is an Austin sign company specializing in custom commercial signage – we can design, build, install, repair or refurbish, and even acquire permits for a variety of commercial signage projects.

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