Custom Wall Graphic Design & Installation

Saber Sign Solutions is an Austin sign company – we’re experts at designing and installing custom indoor wall graphics that add visual interest to your business.

What Are Wall Graphics?

Wall graphics are vinyl designs of varying sizes that are made to be affixed to a wall or other smooth surface. They are also known as wall stickers, wall vinyls, or wall decals. Wall graphics can include anything from individual words, logos or images to covering an entire wall. The commercial uses of wall graphics include, but are not limited to, branding, company culture, decorative, informational and directional.

Whether you are helping your customers find you, learn about your business, or simply adding a branded touch to your indoor space, Saber Sign Solutions can help.

We offer endless customization options for indoor wall graphics – from size, to color, to texture and finish, and much more, we ensure that your wall graphics meet your exact needs and specifications. We also test the finish on your specific walls to be sure we choose the best product to provide the appropriate adhesion for your walls.  We do this with a free adhesion test, included in all of our wall graphic quotes.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of indoor wall graphics, as well as why working with Saber Sign Solutions means working with Austin’s top sign company.

What Are the Benefits of Wall Graphics?

There are many advantages to investing in professionally-made wall graphics for the interior of your business. When paired with other types of signs, such as monument signs, channel letter signs, and sandblasted or carved signs, a business is able to reinforce their branding, messaging and culture. A few of the benefits of wall graphics are:

Endless Customization Options

The goal of most signage products is to represent your brand in a consistent way that will be recognizable to customers – indoor wall graphics from Saber Sign Solutions help you do just that. We ensure that your indoor wall graphics serve the exact purpose they’re intended to serve, with the added benefit of utilizing your exact logo, colors, fonts, and more.

From full-wall coverage of murals and images to small decals, Saber Sign Solutions makes your vision a reality.

Low Cost & Low Maintenance Advertising

Indoor wall graphics can provide a lower-cost option for in-store advertising or in-office messaging – additionally, once installed, they require very little maintenance. That means your business will reap the benefits of branded messaging or imagery for years to come.

Credibility & Professionalism

Nothing speaks to the legitimacy of your business more than consistency and professionalism in the look and feel of your space. With custom indoor wall graphics, customers will notice the level of care you’ve taken to present your company in a professional light, and feel comfort in entrusting you with their business.

Create a Welcoming Space For Customers

 If your business is one that customers spend time in, taking care to curate indoor decor and furnishings is a vital part of making visitors feel welcome in your space, promoting trust.

Indoor wall graphics can add a subtle (or not so subtle) touch to your office space, including providing customers and employees alike with reinforcing statements about your company culture, your branding, or even your history, helping them to get to know your company, and more.

Why Choose Saber Sign Solutions?

Saber Sign Solutions proudly provides the Central Texas and Austin-metro area with professional signage design, installation, repair, refurbishment, and permitting services. If you’re looking for top-notch signage solutions, including in-depth industry knowledge, look no further.

We are a full-service sign company – we have the capability to handle all parts of the process, giving you the peace of mind that we have it covered, and the freedom to take care of what’s most important: running your business.

Throughout our years in the industry, Saber Sign Solutions has worked tirelessly to streamline and optimize our processes, allowing us to provide services that are high-quality, fast, and thorough – giving you the signage that meets your needs and fulfills your vision.

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