Outdoor Directory & Wayfinding Signs

Help your customers find your business with a professionally crafted directory sign from Saber Sign Solutions, an Austin sign company.

What Are Directory Signs For?

The purpose of directory signs, also known as wayfinding signs, is to help visitors to a building find their way around the premises. These signs often display the names, logos, and locations of various companies that share the office building space, but can also include directions to amenities such as reception, the elevators, stairwells, or restrooms.

Investing in high-quality directory signs for the exterior of your office building helps customers find their destination, making their first impression a positive one before they’ve even arrived at the doors.

Benefits of Directory Signs in Buildings

There are many advantages to investing in professionally made directory and wayfinding signs – from the various customization options, to the positive impact on customer experience, and more.

Provide an Easy Experience for Customers

Navigating your way around an office building with no directions can be frustrating and tedious, causing negative emotions for visitors. With directory and wayfinding signs, your building will provide its visitors with all of the information they seek in order to have a positive experience – from the moment they set foot on the premises.

Create Awareness for Your Tenants

Your building’s tenants will appreciate the added benefit of increased visibility and brand awareness, especially if your directory sign design includes their logos. Visitors and passersby will take note of the visually interesting sign, and could be prompted to check out other businesses in your building – especially if they had a positive experience at their original intended destination.

Professionalism From the Get-Go

The addition of quality directory signage will make a positive impression on your building’s patrons as they are able to easily and quickly navigate to the business they are visiting, leaving an impression of professionalism on the part of the building’s management and the businesses therein. However, with the addition of commercial directory signs, patrons will feel that the business they are trying to find, and the building manager, have taken the time and care to make the search that much easier.

Highly Customizable & Adjustable

Companies come and go from office buildings, which means directory signs will need to change as well – after all, customers will need to be made aware of where they can find the new location of a business. Saber Sign Solutions works directly with you to ensure that your directory sign can be adjusted to always display accurate information, further enhancing the customer experience.

Why Work With Saber Sign Solutions?

When it comes to finding the right sign company for sign design, installation, repair, refurbishment, and permitting services, choose an Austin sign company like Saber Sign Solutions. We proudly serve a breadth of areas in Central Texas, and have produced continuously high-quality results year after year.

When we say full-service sign company, we mean it – we take care of the entire process, and work tirelessly to ensure that the finished product meets your needs, expectations, and vision exactly. We even provide permitting services, so that your completed signage can be displayed with proper documentation.

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