Partial Vehicle Wrap Design & Installation

Increase brand recognition and professionalism by investing in a partial commercial vehicle wrap. Saber Sign Solutions is an Austin sign and commercial wrap company that can help you drive growth for your business.

What is a Partial Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is an automotive customization where the vehicle, whether it be a car, truck, or van, is partially covered with vinyl graphics.

Like most customizations, vehicle wraps come in a variety of styles, sizes, designs, colors and finishes. Vehicles with professionally installed graphics are a moving advertising platform for their businesses, by showcasing the business’ brand while providing professional credibility for the vehicles as they travel to client locations. Vehicle wraps are also a great tool for upgrading the look of a vehicle.

A partial vehicle wrap is defined by the amount of coverage the decals or graphics provide over the exterior of the vehicle – in this case, more than a few decals, but less than a full wrap.

Partial vehicle wraps are a popular advertising tool used for commercial vehicles, such as work trucks, service vans, or commercial car fleets. They often feature the company logo, contact information, and a tagline or catchy phrase promoting the company offering.

Why Invest in a Partial Commercial Wrap?

Similar to any commercial signage, partial vehicle wraps provide several benefits to businesses.

Brand recognition

Adding a sign on your storefront helps customers find you – adding partial wraps on your commercial fleet has a similar benefit. Not only will potential customers see your logo, they’ll be able to clearly see what services or products you provide, how to get in touch with you, and any other important information you’d like to communicate to them. Vehicle wraps also have the benefit of promoting your brand all around town – capturing greater audience reach than signage on a building.

Professional look

Uniforms and business cards are all ways to add an air of professionalism to your business. But when the storefront isn’t your main point of contact with customers, it’s important that every aspect of your company’s interactions with your clients has a consistent and professional look and feel.

Professional wraps and graphics on vehicles also provide a much better sense of security for clients than arriving at a client location in an unmarked vehicle.

Free advertising

Unlike a storefront, you’ve invested in commercial vehicles because of their ability to move around, taking your offering directly to your customers. The added benefit of adding a professional wrap to your commercial vehicles is that, after the initial investment of wrap installation, each vehicle is now able to generate leads for your business.

Someone may spot your vehicle on their street and decide to ask their neighbor for a word of mouth review or referral – your commercial fleet just made a sale!

Why Choose Saber Sign Solutions

For years, Saber Sign Solutions has been providing professional sign and vehicle wrap services to Austin and surrounding areas, including Leander, Cedar Park, Georgetown, and Round Rock.

We are able to provide our valued customers with a broad range of signage services – from design, to fabrication and installation, to maintenance, repair, and even permitting. We don’t expect you to speak “sign language” – we simply want to do everything in our power to give you the sign you’ve been looking for.

We love engaging with our customers to be sure we understand your goals and desires, and to help you translate that into powerful advertising for your business.

A beautiful, well-done partial wrap is an important investment for your business – it improves brand recognition, adds professionalism, and helps customers find you – on the road, in their neighborhood, or even in your parking lot.