Commercial Sign Permitting & Installation

Looking for a commercial signage company in Austin, Texas? You’re in the right place – Saber Sign Solutions can help you with sign design, permitting, fabrication and installation.

Why Is Commercial Sign Permitting Important?

Operating within city codes and coordinating with area officials to ensure compliance of your planned exterior signage can be a complicated or lengthy process – luck for you, we can help. With Saber Sign Solutions, you can have peace of mind in knowing that our team is able to handle the acquisition and management of required permits for your project.

In fact, our applications have a very high success rate of being approved, often after the first submission.

Throughout our years of providing our clients with exceptional commercial sign design and installation services, Saber Sign Solutions has worked hard to establish positive relationships with sign permitting officials around the Austin-metro area.

What Is Required for a Commercial Sign Permit?

Every commercial sign is different – this means that the specific items required to obtain a permit can vary from project to project and location to location. However, here are a few of the things that are frequently needed for a commercial sign permit.

Construction / Architectural Drawing of the Sign

Throughout the commercial sign design process, there are several drawings and illustrations that are created to ensure that the final product meets all required client and site specifications. Exterior free standing signs or those projecting above a roof line will typically require engineering diagrams that are stamped by an engineer who is licensed in the State of Texas. The City and / or property landlord will also typically require:

  • The dimensions of the sign, as well as any and all sign supports and non-structural components
  • The dimensions of commercial sign foundation and footing
  • Details on the advertising areas of each face of the sign

Site Drawing of the Commercial Sign

Site drawings are required for most freestanding signs and some other exterior signs.  This drawing focuses on the entire site (property) where the commercial sign is to be installed, including:

  • Proposed location of the commercial sign
  • Distances from the sign to property lines or easements
  • Locations of all existing signs on the property
  • Street frontage dimensions

Electrical Permits, if Applicable

Commercial signs that require electrical work, such as channel letter signs, LED display panels, or other illuminated signs, require additional documentation. These signs are also required to be inspected by the City before the sign permit is finalized and closed.

How Does Saber Sign Solutions Install Signs?

We offer installation services on all of our custom commercial sign projects. We have the capabilities to install both ground-level and elevated installations. For more information, give us a call or browse our Indoor Sign, Outdoor Sign, and Fleet Graphic galleries.

Saber Sign Solutions puts the utmost care into each and every commercial sign project, from design to installation. We’ll take you through every step of the process and answer any questions you may have.

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