Custom Monument & Architectural Signs

Work with an Austin sign company that can help you invest in high-quality, unique monument signs. Draw customers in and help them find you!

What Are Monument Signs?

Monument signs can have a few different looks.

Most are free-standing signs that sit on the ground. Think of the sign you typically see in front of a neighborhood: it includes the name of the area, often written in an ornate yet easily readable font, usually mounted on a brick or stone structure.

Often, the brick, stone or metal frame, foundation, or design of a monument sign mirrors similar design or architectural elements on the buildings in the neighborhood, complex, or building.

Other monument signs direct customers to a shopping center with several businesses, each one having their own spot on the sign (known as “tenant panels”).

Yet another type of monument sign involves a large face with a company’s logo, phone number, and any other important information. This face is mounted on a tall pole to help customers spot your business from far away.

All of these types of monument signs can be customized to fit your needs, but have a few things in common: they incorporate your business’ branding (logo, colors, fonts, and symbolism) with the added flair of a man-made structure that the sign sits on or within.

Benefits of Monument Signs

Saber Sign Solutions is with you every step of the way of the process – we pride ourselves in providing monument signs that:

Meet Local Sign Ordinances

Saber Sign Solutions will verify which local codes apply to your location, and offer a monument design that meets those requirements.

Help Customers Find You

Whether you choose a new monument sign, or a redesign, refurbishing, or refacing of an existing monument sign, monument signs are an excellent way to let arriving or searching customers know that they’re in the right place.

With monument signs, business owners are able to present all of the information that a customer needs – your building number or address, your company name, and your logo.

Make a Great First Impression

The ultimate way to show professionalism, expertise, or legitimacy, or simply showcase an inviting entrance for your business or neighborhood, is from the first impression. When a customer sees a beautifully-made, high-quality monument sign with your name on it, they’ll be more likely to perceive the entirety of your business or offering in the same light.

Set the tone for customer interactions with a beautiful monument sign from Saber Sign Solutions.

Hold Up to the Elements

Given that monument signs sit low to the ground, and are mounted on sturdy stone or brick and are engineered to meet proper engineering and ordinances, you can rest assured that your business’ signage will hold up to most weather with minimal maintenance.

Invest in a sign that will serve you (and your customers) for years to come.

Why Work With Saber Sign Solutions?

If you’re looking for professional commercial sign design, installation, repair, refurbishment, and permitting services, look no further than Saber Sign Solutions. Serving the Central Texas and Austin-metro area, we provide our clients with top-notch signage solutions.

Saber Sign Solutions is a full-service sign company, meaning you only need to worry about managing one relationship to get the sign of your dreams designed, fabricated, installed, and even permitted by the proper authorities.

Throughout our time in the signage industry, we have worked tirelessly to make our processes and techniques streamlined, fast, and high-quality – ensuring that the final product is exactly what you are looking for.

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