What Is Meant By Full Wrap, Partial Wrap, Or Placed Graphics?

Many clients do not speak vehicle graphics language, which can sometimes make communicating their ideas or needs difficult. At Saber Sign Solutions, we have three categories of vehicle graphics: full wrap, partial wrap, and placed graphics.

A wrap is when a large sheet of vinyl is applied to the vehicle, often wrapping around from one side to another (say side to rear), or across multiple body panels (say all the way from the front wheel well to the rear). Often the purpose is to incorporate images, brand color, or change the color of the vehicle so it fits better with a fleet. A full wrap is when the entire vehicle is covered in vinyl, while a partial wrap is coverage of this type that leaves some portions of the vehicle without vinyl. Saber Sign Solutions delivers commercial-style wraps for our clients looking to promote their business. (Learn more about the difference between Commercial Full Wraps and Color Change Wraps).

Placed graphics are individual graphics that are hand placed on specific areas of a vehicle with no other vinyl in the immediate area. These designs are typically less complex and more straightforward than wraps. But, do not sell these graphics short. Depending on the number and size of the graphics, placed graphics can be a very effective way to brand your vehicle and promote your business.

Here is an example of a design done as a full wrap, partial wrap, and placed graphics on a truck and a van. Visit our Fleet Graphics page, or our Full WrapPartial Wrap, and Placed Graphics galleries to learn more and see examples of projects we have completed for our clients.

Graphic depicting the differences between full wraps, partial wraps, and placed graphics.